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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I entitled to a rental car while mine is being repaired?

If your insurance carrier is paying the bill, the answer is maybe.  It depends if you have a rental rider on your policy.  It is extremely important you know the answer to this question.  Call your agent to obtain an answer to this and any other questions you may have about your policy.  The rental rider is very inexpensive, and a very good dollar value.  On the other hand, if you are a claimant, here in Ohio you are indeed entitled to a rental vehicle.  In either case, we can help you obtain a rental vehicle at the very best prices possible.

Must I take my car to a certain body shop?

No one can force you to go to a certain repair shop, unless it is explicitly stated in your policy.  Only you have the right to make this decision.

Must I obtain more than one estimate?

No, unless your policy states otherwise.  You have the right to obtain an estimate from the repair shop of your choice.  No one can force you to spend your valuable time running around shopping for repairs.

Do I need an appointment for service or repairs?

Yes.  Although we do allow some time for emergency service, we typically require an appointment.  This is even true for an oil change.

If my car fails the E-Check, can you do the necessary diagnostics and repair?

Yes.  Automotive Excellence is designated an Ohio EPA E-Check repair facility.  We will even have your vehicle retest performed for you after we complete the needed repairs.

I see “ASE Certified” signs up at most garages. What do they mean?

It stands for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.  Their certification testing is the most rigorous in the industry, covering every aspect of vehicle repair.

Do you have a 24-hour key drop?

Yes.  We have a secure 24-hour key drop.  It is well lit at night and quite easy to find on the southeast corner of our building.  You may use one of our key drop envelopes located at the key drop site, or to save time you can print a key drop form from our web site, and simply place it an envelope with your keys.

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